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J&K Beef Jerky

J&K Beef Jerky - Whiskey BBQ Flavor

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Our Whiskey BBQ flavor is made with 100% USDA premium sirloin and handcrafted from start to finish. At 9g of protein per serving we combine BBQ sauce, natural hickory smoke flavor, honey and whiskey bourbon to ensure a true Southern BBQ flavor.

J&K Beef Jerky prides itself on being handcrafted and marinated to perfection. Our jerky is always double tenderized to increase the tenderness of the meat and enhance its flavors.

Ingredients: Beef, BBQ Sauce (Water, Corn Syrup, Tomato Paste, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Distilled Vinegar, Mustard [Mustard Seed, Tumeric, Paprika], Salt, Modified Food Starch, Molasses, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Natural Hickory Smoke Flavor, Soybean Oil, Citric Acid, Spices, Sodium Benzoate, Caramel Color, Garlic Powder, Sugar, Natural Flavor, Tamarind), Brown Sugar, BBQ Seasoning (Sugar, Salt, Spices, Paprika, Onion, Garlic, Natural Smoke Flavor, Tricalcium Phosphate [Less than 2% as an anti caking agent], Spice Extractives), Whiskey Bourbon, Vinegar, Honey, Liquid Smoke, Corn Syrup Solids, Cayenne Pepper, Sodium Nitrate.


    Hand Crafted

    Always Hand Marinated

    Premium Quality Beef

    USDA Choice Beef

    Small Batch

    Small Batch to Ensure Flavor

    Fast Shipping

    3-5 Days Shipping Time

    We Sell What We Eat, and We Eat The Best – J&K Beef Jerky


    This is THE best jerky I've ever eaten. We bought one bag at a rodeo recently and ate the whole thing in the car on the way home. Wish we'd bought a dozen! SO good!

    Lisa Miken

    So good! Absolutely delicious, the perfect tenderness, good flavor…yum!

    Myranda Braziel