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J&K Beef Jerky

J&K Beef Jerky - Teriyaki Flavor

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Our Teriyaki flavor is made with 100% USDA premium sirloin and handcrafted from start to finish. At 13g of protein per serving we use combination of teriyaki, brown sugar, onion, garlic and maple to create a sweet and savory flavor that is absolutely delicious.

J&K Beef Jerky prides itself on being handcrafted and marinated to perfection. Our jerky is always double tenderized to increase the tenderness of the meat and enhance its flavors.

Ingredients: Beef, Brown Sugar, Teriyaki Sauce (Soy Sauce [Water, Wheat, Soy Bean, Salt], Wine, Sugar, Water, Vinegar, Salt, Spices, Onion, Succinic Acid, Garlic, Sodium Benzoate), Seasoning (Salt, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Maple Syrup, Sodium Nitrate), Liquid Smoke. CONTAINS: Wheat, Soy.


    Hand Crafted

    Always Hand Marinated

    Premium Quality Beef

    USDA Choice Beef

    Small Batch

    Small Batch to Ensure Flavor

    Fast Shipping

    3-5 Days Shipping Time

    We Sell What We Eat, and We Eat The Best – J&K Beef Jerky


    This is THE best jerky I've ever eaten. We bought one bag at a rodeo recently and ate the whole thing in the car on the way home. Wish we'd bought a dozen! SO good!

    Lisa Miken

    So good! Absolutely delicious, the perfect tenderness, good flavor…yum!

    Myranda Braziel